The Legacy

Prestons Station Historic District

The Legacy Begins

Preston’s Station legacy began in 1923 when my great grandfather, George W. Preston purchased the Standard Oil station for $100.

The Station was built in 1912 by Frank Fiene, one year before the Lincoln Highway was dedicated. Originally, Preston's Station was located at the corner of 7th Avenue and 19th Street, in Belle Plaine. The Station was relocated to its present location at the corner of 4th Avenue and 13th Street, in 1921, when the Lincoln Highway was rerouted through Belle Plaine.

After the Lincoln Highway was rerouted north of Belle Plaine to US 30, The Station continued operation until 1989, becoming a prominent landmark not just for Belle Plaine, but also for the Lincoln Highway.

Building The Legacy

As visitors approach Preston’s Station, driving west on the Historic Lincoln Highway through Belle Plaine, they not only arrive at Preston’s Station, but in essence come upon Preston’s Corner, home to a three-room motel and garage.

My grandfather, George H. Preston, began covering The Station with a variety of old advertising and road signs as a way to preserve history. Not only did he cover The Station with road signs, he filled the garage next to it, with one of a-kind items. The saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" holds true for both grandpa and my dad, Ronald. It's hard to tell who collected more.

The Station remains locked in time, much as it did when it closed in 1989. As you walk onto the property, you hear Belle Plaine and Lincoln Highway lore being told by grandpa and dad. We are almost certain some of the stories are urban legends, but only grandpa and dad know the truth of their stories. As grandpa said many times, “If you don’t believe me, go ask Blanche (my grandma).”

Grandpa's story telling even got him on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1990. Grandpa would talk about anything to anyone who would listen, his passion was to keep the Lincoln Highway alive forever.

Both grandpa and dad were passionate and dedicated to preserving the history of Belle Plaine and the Lincoln Highway.

Prestons Station Historic District
Prestons Station Historic District
Mary and Garry

Continuing The Legacy

My husband, Garry and I, are fourth generation owners and operators of Preston’s Station. We're dedicated to preserving the Legacy of Preston's Station Historic District. Preston’s Station is remaining in our family and intact.

Preston's has been an important gathering place in Belle Plaine and along the Lincoln Highway since 1923. My grandpa was one-of-a-kind, having passion like none other to share the history of Belle Plaine and the Lincoln Highway. Dad was just like grandpa in his passion to continue and build The Legacy.

The Legacy continues with our passion and involvement to preserve Preston's for all generations to appreciate and be inspired by the past.